7 Succulent Varieties That Are Perfect for Your Office Space

The easiest way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside is with plants. They create an appealing look and a calming, inviting atmosphere. Not all plants grow well in indoor environments, especially in office settings where space and sunlight may be limited.

There are several varieties of succulent plants that are ideal for office spaces. They grow well in small spaces and require a minimum of care.

1. Snake Plant

The low maintenance snake plant will grow practically anywhere. It will survive if you forget to water it before you leave for the weekend on occasion. During the winter, snake plants only need to be watered once or twice a month.

Snake plants are beneficial in that they help clean the air by absorbing toxins.

2. Calico Kitten

Calico kitten plants are a type of succulent known as crassula. They are trailing plants that grow well in containers or hanging baskets. Their heart-shaped leaves add color to any space with hues of pink mixed with light green and yellow.

Calico kitten plants will grow well in any lights and prefer dry soil.

3. Hens and Chicks

Named for their round rosette shape and their tendency to produce new plants, or “chicks,” the hens and chicks plant is a favorite succulent suitable for offices. Its unique appearance makes it a conversation piece.

Hens and chicks grow best in shallow containers and will thrive in cool or hot temperatures.

4. Pothos

Pothos is a vine that grows glossy leaves that will trail into lengths that stretch for several feet if not trimmed. Colors of the leaves vary from deep solid green to light green splashed with yellow or white. Trimmings from the vines can be rooted in water and repotted to share with officemates.

Due to their hardiness and ease of propagation, pothos is one of the most popular of office plants.

5. Air Plants

Air plants are unusual in that they do not require soil to grow. They can be grown in decorative glass containers or on natural surfaces such as shell, rock, or wood.

Air plants require watering about once every other week, a simple process that requires the plant be thoroughly soaked.

6. Jade

The jade plant is another popular succulent that is capable of thriving in most any setting. They are lovely plants with small pink or white flowers. They have deep rich green leaves that can survive with lower levels of light than most plants.

There are several varieties of the jade plant- also commonly called friendship trees, money trees, or lucky plants.

7. String of Pearls

If your space allows for even the smallest of hanging plants, a string of pearls is the perfect choice. Its name describes its appearance, the leaves look and feel like a string of smooth green pearls.

Lengths of a string of pearls can be propagated. Like with most succulents, it is important not to over water your string of pearls plant. Too much water can be fatal.

Don’t allow limited space keep you from adding a tiny piece of the outdoors, or two, to your office.

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