Why Indoor Plants Are Healthy for You and Your Home

Did you know that raising houseplants can increase your health? That’s right – adding houseplants to your living space not only improves its aesthetic, it can also help those that live there to feel better in every way that counts – physically, mentally, and emotionally. After all, caring for any living thing can strengthen the well-being of the caregiver. Keeping that in mind, here are five surprising ways in which our fellow living organisms silently improve our lives:

1. Filtering the Air

NASA conducted some extensive research into whether or not houseplants can eliminate toxins from the surrounding environment, and found that within a twenty-four hour period, over eighty-seven percent of the dirt and poisons in a given room had been eradicated by our little green friends. That is why your common houseplant can now be considered the natural equivalent of a HEPA filter!

2. Lifting your Mood

Because houseplants regulate humidity, they unwittingly increase positivity, concentration, and productivity by up to fifteen percent. They do this because seeing nature around us can increase dopamine levels, leading to a more calm and relaxed mood, which reduces stress levels significantly and sharpens our focus on specific tasks. For this reason, many offices and schools have opened up to the idea of keeping a few plants in areas where people work and study to give them a bit of a pick-me-up.

3. Aiding with Sleep

While most plants release oxygen only as they go through the food-creating process of photosynthesis, then default to releasing carbon dioxide, there are some exceptions, such as succulents, bromeliads, snake plants, and orchids that release oxygen exclusively. Putting these plants in your bedroom can lead to a more peaceful night’s sleep.

4. Creating a Visual Masterpiece

Adding plants to even the barest rooms can liven the place up significantly. They are easy to work with and can turn a boring space into a beautiful one instantly. And, don’t forget that you can jazz up the natural beauty of your houseplants with creative pots, colorful macramé, or copper and ceramic containers. You can even create an indoor garden, complete with both beautiful flowers and healthy fruits and vegetables that your family will love.

5. Replenishing the Air

As all animals do, humans breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Conversely, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. This is why a plant is the perfect natural companion for a human caretaker. Because of the exchange of gas, adding a plant or two to your domain can overwhelmingly increase a room’s oxygen to healthier levels.

In conclusion, having a few houseplants around can be a healthy choice for you and your family. Because they create a more beautiful, sounder environment in which everyone can breathe with ease, caring for a few houseplants is an inexpensive, easy way to promote good health and clean living within your home. So, why not drive to your local nursery and pick up a few plants today to adorn your home?

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